You’ve accumulated a lifetime of valuable assets. Strong, individualized coverage is critical to keep all aspects of your life protected.

Work with a partner who is an expert in you. We start by sitting down and creating a comprehensive picture of your situation and what is needed to protect it. We thoroughly analyze your situation and create solutions designed specifically for your family’s assets and lifestyle. We want to make sure your coverage is tailored towards your needs.

This includes a strategy for the nuances of specific risks, and providing information and insight needed to make informative and intelligent decisions. We are dedicated to providing creative, timely solutions to pressing problems.

DigitalShield: Cyber Insurance

It’s part of the reason why our team created DigitalShield, a personal cyber product to protect all aspects of your life. We took eight lines of potential cyber concerns (cyberattacks, ransomware, identity theft, cybercrime, smart devices, and wearables, cyberbullying, reputation coverage, and cyberstalking) and bundled them into one coverage package at one all-inclusive, cost-efficient price.

Our experts also understand that goals shift and changes happen to your life and will work with you to examine your entire portfolio, including:

  • A full review of any gaps
  • Checking to make sure coverage limits are where they’re needed
  • Market your coverage to ensure you have the best price
  • Evaluate marketplace trends to make sure your program components are the best possible

We have the technical expertise and deep industry knowledge to handle your needs and answer any questions.

High Excess Liability Coverage

Among our many specialties, we can help find you protection and high excess liability coverage for:

  • Home insurance
  • Car insurance
  • Antique cars
  • Secondary homes
  • International properties
  • Recreational insurance
  • Farm and equine
  • Personal cyber insurance
  • Collections and valuables

Practice Leaders

Julian Bugeja
Julian Bugeja

Cheryl De Jesus
Cheryl De Jesus

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Catherine Neville