We are client advocates who understand complex risk, which makes us highly effective at negotiating to shape submissions to the market and achieve the results required to thrive in any environment.

NFP has been developing specialty solutions to address the risks faced by the forestry, pulp and paper industry for decades. We are active participants in industry organizations and conferences, which gives us a comprehensive understanding of the issues that are important to you. From pulp and paper operations to owner/operators of harvesting equipment, we are committed to having a positive impact on your business. 

NFP Understands Your Forestry Insurance Needs

Regardless of the type, complexity or size of the operation, we can contribute effectively to managing and minimizing your risks. Our focus within the forestry pulp and paper sector covers a wide range of business activities, including:

  • Sawmills and engineered wood products manufacturing
  • Re-manufacturing facilities
  • Pulp and paper manufacturing, including facilities with electrical generating capability (i.e. CoGen – Bio Mass, hydro facilities )
  • Mouldings, flooring, furniture, windows and doors, kitchen cabinet manufacturers
  • Log hauling and harvesting operations
  • Silviculture

Our industry specialists take a proactive approach to identifying your needs. We will create an action plan tailored to your unique needs, and help you find the appropriate solution to reduce the total cost of risk. The process includes:

  • Identifying exposures to loss through damage to physical assets and liability due to operating and contractual obligations
  • Providing guidance on how to protect your assets and explaining insurers’ protection standards and eligibility requirements
  • Tailoring an insurance and risk management program that addresses your specific needs
  • Identifying the insurers who can best serve you now, and adapt as your business grows and changes in the future

Our consultative approach can often result in transferring risk through securing coverage for various exposures, such as:

  • Property, equipment, stock and felled timber
  • Mobile equipment (including while waterborne), ice and muskeg, and rental reimbursement
  • Equipment breakdown (e.g. boilers, production machinery, generators, transformers, etc.)
  • Automobile physical damage and liability
  • General and umbrella liability
  • Forest firefighting expenses and legal liability
  • Pollution
  • Logging equipment insurance
  • Employment practices and director and officer liabilities
  • Transportation of product by road, rail and water
  • Relevant aviation and marine operations
  • Trade credits (i.e. account receivables, bad debts)

Coverage That Won’t Let You Down

Our forestry pulp and paper specialists provides deep industry and product expertise and embraces the opportunity to look at problems differently and solve them.

Whether you're established in the forestry pulp and paper world or are just beginning, we have the expertise, capabilities and solutions to help you elevate your competitiveness and accelerate your growth. Let’s start building a relationship today.