Strengthen your organization with a powerful suite of well-managed benefits. Offer the support your workforce needs through health benefits such as healthcare spending accounts and employee assistance programs, wellness programs, virtual care, and support for your expatriates.

A reputation as an employer who provides its employees with a robust benefits package gives you the opportunity to build trust even before an employee is hired. We can help you make the most of that opportunity, supporting you as you negotiate benefits contracts through our relationships with respected insurance carriers.

A comprehensive benefits package can include a lot of ancillary services. Whether it’s an HSA, a wellness program or an EAP, we’ll work with you to understand your organization’s needs. To us, it’s all about learning and putting your needs first. From there, we’ll work together to craft a benefits package that will serve your employees and their dependants.

Even with high-quality benefits, understanding the program and employee engagement can be a major difficulty. We can help you navigate these hurdles and give your workforce the context necessary to appreciate and take advantage of your offerings.

If you’re ready to build a benefits program that engages employees and elevates your business, you’re in the right place.

Healthcare Spending Accounts

An employee benefits plan can’t be all things to all people, but a healthcare spending account can help. Simply put, a healthcare spending account (HSA) is for healthcare costs not covered by your organization’s regular benefits plan. While traditional plans provide coverage for benefits at a cost that’s always subject to change, HSAs allow employers to provide coverage for a broader range of medical expenses and contain the funding costs.

It also gives employees the extra flexibility to spend their healthcare dollars on the care they need, giving employees with HSAs a greater sense of control over their healthcare decisions. This improves employee morale, and could help attract and retain high calibre employees, leading to a lower turnover rate.

Why Add an HSA?

Many companies have broader demographics making up their workforce. This presents a diversity of health benefits needs in the workplace that require innovative solutions. Implementing an HSA can offer cost-effective benefits solutions that provide real value to a workforce with diverse needs. If you’re ready to build a benefits program that offers your employees more choice and greater access to quality care, think about adding an HSA to your benefits package.

Employee Assistance Programs

Give your employees the means to make their emotional and mental well-being a priority. An employee assistance program (EAP) should be part of any robust wellness plan. Most think of an EAP as a counselling service, but it’s much more than that. An EAP gives employees the resources they need to manage difficult situations that impact their lives on a day-to-day basis.

Employee assistance programs have been around for decades, but with decreasing stigma surrounding mental health, a greater focus on employee well-being and a more tech literate workforce, EAPs are increasingly impactful.

Why an Employee Assistance Program?

Introducing an EAP into your benefits package is one of the first steps to attracting and retaining top performing talent. An EAP is likely to help you reduce absenteeism and help keep your workforce engaged and productive. A well-managed employee assistance program can help employees confront and deal with:

  • Personal or emotional problems
  • Marriage and family difficulties
  • Stress, anxiety and depression
  • Addiction

If you’re ready to create a benefits program that offers your employees more choice and greater access to quality care, think about adding an EAP to your benefits package.

Wellness Programs

Beyond EAPs, wellness programs give employers and opportunity to empower their employees to become the best version of themselves. Your employees and leadership are central to our process. We start with conversations and research about your wellness program needs, coming to understand your company’s culture, mission, vision and demographics. We want to know what aspects of well-being and wellness your employees care most about. Then, we’ll build a road map for an effective, evidence-based wellness program.

Beyond physical well-being solutions, we’re also poised to help you put together programs and find tools for financial well-being. Tools to promote financial wellness like planning support can make a real difference, lowering stress and increasing job satisfaction.

Excellent Programs at All Company Sizes

We’ve helped businesses of all sizes find innovative ways to support their greatest asset. You need realistic budget parameters that take hard and soft costs into account. You should also be able to expect reasonable returns. We’ll work to help you achieve everything from building incentive programs to developing metrics and ROI targets to analyzing wellness, well-being and disease management platforms. You can rely on us for:

  • Wellness program strategy development and planning tools
  • Program templates
  • Incentive design and funding strategy
  • Strategic employee-facing communications
  • Customisable marketing resources, including program campaigns and newsletters
  • A wellness program research library, filled with case studies, best practices and more
  • Access to preferred wellness program vendors and discounted pricing opportunities
  • RFP assistance for third-party wellness program vendors

We can work with you on well-being program strategy, implementation and upkeep. We have experience building incentive programs and metrics to measure effectiveness, empowering employers to fine-tune well-being and disease management programs over time. No matter what tools and strategies fit your unique solution, we have experts ready to consult with you.

Virtual Health and Telemedicine

As the healthcare industry continues to rapidly evolve, organizations are always looking to increase their employees’ access to quality care while also decreasing costs. Thankfully, the advancements of digital technology have made it easier for medical professionals to communicate with their patients. Patients can now see their preferred provider anytime thanks to live video, audio and instant messaging.

  • Cost savings: Digital care improves efficiency by reducing travel time to care, minimizing or shortening hospital stays, and potentially automating administrative tasks. All of these in turn lower healthcare costs.
  • Quality of care: Telemedicine makes it easier for providers to follow-up with patients, as well as to monitor patients remotely and respond to queries when called upon. 
  • Easier access: Consistent patient engagement comes from virtual care’s ease of access. It makes it easier for primary care doctors to get in touch with specialists to better serve and care for their patients. This creates a stronger doctor-patient relationship and empowers patients to become their own advocates.

We work to serve you and meet your robust needs, leveraging the full power of NFP’s network to deliver services to support your organization.

Expatriate Benefits

Ensure your expats feel as valued and secure when they’re working abroad as when they’re working in the home office. Finding the right insurance options at the right price can be difficult and time-intensive, but we’ll help you:

  • Understand the options available and find the best providers
  • Benchmark and evaluate plan designs
  • Evaluate home, local and global plans
  • Evaluate tax treatment and preparation

Our team is composed of client-focused international and expatriate benefits specialists who specialize in creative program designs and access to alternative markets. We have experts across every aspect of international and expatriate insurance with high colleague retention enhancing our experience, service stability and consistency for your service team.

We’re focused on communication, execution and accountability. Our team is always advocating for our clients, and offers a flexible, customized service model tailored for each client’s needs. Our approach recognizes your highly fluid international environment and our team’s process includes continuous engagement and communication. We will bring our expertise and specialization to the program renewal utilizing extensive risk review and analysis. For firms with complex risks and operations, we will provide holistic and innovative solutions including multiple program options and structures tailored to your unique expatriate benefits needs.