The manufacturing industry is broad, and each business has its own unique set of risks.

Whether you’re providing a complex project with the materials they need or are overseeing products and their logistics from start to finish, navigating the increasingly complicated risks of the manufacturing sector can complicate any operation.

No matter what you’re working on, manufacturing requires attention to detail at every level. Managing through regulations and maintaining strong relationships with local municipalities and logistic agencies takes time and finesse. Adapting to new integrated manufacturing and design approaches or technologies keeps your experts busy. On top of the pressing details of the day to day, every new project brings nuanced risk, exposures and uncertainties.

Our specialized experts can help you stay a step ahead of confusing contractual agreements, lawsuits and regulations to keep your exposures covered.

Manufacturing Insurance That Makes a Difference

Success depends on risk reduction — there’s always the threat of product recalls, supply chain interruptions, or even cyberattacks and theft. Over the years, our specialized knowledge and experience has allowed us to offer risk management and insurance programs that assist clients with virtually any risks specifically associated with the manufacturing sector. This includes worldwide product coverage, product recall, equipment breakdown, trade credit and more intricate multinational insurance solutions.

Keeping everything operational, your workforce engaged, your business leaders satisfied and your daily operations under control is hard to handle alone. The right partner can make all the difference.

Our manufacturing team is dedicated to consistent communication with you on developments that impact your coverage. We strive to continually present opportunities to reduce cost and increase protection across all aspects of your operation. Whether that’s paying particular attention to assets and operations that extend the national border (or even North America), or ensuring that your directors and officers are properly protected in the event of a major issue, we work to provide you comprehensive coverage as well as support your day to day.

Insurance for Factory and Distribution Risk Mitigation

Our manufacturing industry experts understand the nuances of your routine and work with you to better understand your specific situation and ensure your risk is properly managed in a cost-effective way.

Our goal is to work with you to optimize a manufacturing risk mitigation and liability program that best fulfills your coverage needs.

We help you calculate the cost of what’s at stake to give you a clear picture of what to address and when. Then we leverage our market insights and rally our experts to design solutions that will transfer your organization’s risk to the insurance market and help you achieve your goals.