A lot can go wrong from here to there. Keep your equine show on the road with trailer and truck insurance for your horse trailer.

Horse trailer insurance offers coverage for your horse trailer and its contents. The coverage your horse trailer insurance policy offers will vary from carrier-to-carrier or policy-to-policy, but a horse trailer insurance policy normally covers or contains:

  • Roadside help and assistance: If your horse trailer breaks down while travelling, a horse trailer insurance policy can help find and pay for the specialized towing services you need.
  • Damage or theft to your trailer: As with many types of vehicle or vessel insurance policies, an insurance policy for horse trailers gives you the opportunity to choose between replacement value and actual cash value coverage.
  • Expenses related to a covered loss: Lodging for your horses and trailer rental while your trailer is being repaired are possible coverage triggers under a horse trailer insurance policy. Veterinary services can also be added to your policy as party of your horse trailer insurance coverage.
  • Equipment coverage: It’s likely you’re transporting more than a horse in your horse trailer. Adding equipment coverage as part of your horse trailer insurance policy can cover you in the event of a loss or damage to your tack and equipment.

Do Horse Trailers Need Insurance?

While it’s tempting to think your auto or truck insurance policy covers your horse trailer, you still need additional horse trailer insurance coverage. That’s because your coverage from your auto policy is rarely enough. It’s true that some policies allow you to add liability insurance coverage with a simple trailer endorsement, but even that coverage is unlikely to protect the contents of your trailer. Therefore, you need a horse trailer insurance policy.

Insuring a Horse Trailer

Horses are valuable cargo, and purchasing a good quality trailer is one of the smartest ways to keep that valuable cargo safe. However, purchasing a horse trailer can be expensive and cost upwards of $50,000, sometimes more. That cost doesn’t account for the fact that most equine professionals also spend lots of money on things like new tires, cushioned floors and suspension kits. With the cost of the trailer, upgrade costs and the value of your horses, and have a valuable commodity to insure.

Trailer accidents can be a nightmare of a situation for horse owners, especially if they result in serious injury or death. In the event something goes wrong, a horse trailer insurance policy can protect both your horse and the horse trailer you transport them in. Don’t let an incomplete horse trailer insurance policy leave you exposed to risks. Protect yourself and your horses with horse trailer insurance.

Insuring Your Horse Trailer Through Henry Equestrian

The bond you have with your horses extends to how you transport them. Horse trailer insurance will keep you and your valuable cargo covered from the farm to the rodeo arena. That way, you focus on your passion for horses and let us worry about the rest. Our horse trailer insurance specialists have relationships with horse trailer insurance carriers to keep you and your horses on the road.

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