Owning, operating and managing the facilities on a horse farm comes with a number of risks. If these risks are left unmanaged, they’ll quickly snowball out of control.

From interacting with farm visitors to hosting horse clinics and horse camps, your farm’s constant influx of visitors requires appropriate liability coverage. You can count on us for comprehensive horse farm insurance coverage at the best possible price, with insurance for virtually every type of establishment including: 

  • Stud management and breeding enterprises
  • Horse boarding facilities
  • Training centres 
  • Horse clinics and horse camps 
  • Leisure-based horse activities like trail rides 

    Horse Farm Insurance Policy for Lawsuits 

    As an equine professional and horse farm operator, you face multiple potentially expensive risks. From loss of horses in your care or escaped animals causing accidents to riding school injuries, you need solutions to equine-specific liabilities on top of the usual hazards most other businesses encounter. In addition to meaningful coverage, you need a team of dedicated horse farm insurance specialists with the resources to defend you in the event of a lawsuit.

    We can protect you with up to $10 million of equine farm insurance for these liabilities. This includes costs of your defence, even for cases in which the lawsuit ultimately fails. Your Henry Equestrian horse farm insurance policy helps us provide legal guidance for incidents that happen off your horse farm property caused by animals under you care. When you work with us, we’ll consider everything so nothing is left exposed. 

    Horse Farm Insurance Policy for Business

    You need special coverage from a horse farm insurance expert who understands the special business insurance a horse farm needs. A horse farm insurance policy through Henry Equestrian can cover personal liabilities relating to your home if it’s on the farm property. While you may live on the property, your homeowners insurance isn’t enough to protect your business in the event of accidents. A general business insurance plan isn’t enough discover that doesn’t protect you adequately either. 

    Instead, you need protection that a horse farm insurance policy offers against the unique risks you face, from an agent who understands the equine environment — like Henry Equestrian, the professionals that hundreds of farm owners and managers already trust for reliable, best value insurance coverage. Count on us for comprehensive business insurance coverage.

    The Advantage of Horse Farm Insurance from Henry Equestrian

    At the end of the day, “horse farm” is a broad term for a property that works with horses. We understand that and will work with you to develop and craft a horse farm insurance policy that reflects your specific situation and needs. Our horse farm insurance specialists will sift through the generalities to pinpoint your exposures and work with you to create coverage adaptable to your particular situation. Whether you own or lease a hobby farm, commercial equestrian facility, breeding operation, or racing stable, our equine farm insurance specialists can provide liability and medical payments, along with coverage for your home, stables, equipment, vehicles and valuables — all in one policy.

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