You need more than motorcycle insurance. You need a partner ready for the open road.

For the seasoned road warrior and weekend warrior alike, Canada is full of beautiful, scenic landscapes perfect for motorcycles. Whether you’re riding through the mountains, plains or city, riding a motorcycle is a fun and popular pastime for a reason. However, this hobby comes with significant responsibility and risk.

You need a partner who pays attention to the trends, changes and developments within motorcycle insurance circles. Part of our service to you is staying up to date to keep you covered as well as helping you make informed decisions.

We understand your motorcycle is more than just a fun vehicle; it’s part of who you are. Our goal is to help you protect it while protecting yourself. As experts in the motorcycle insurance space, finding you the best coverage for your needs at the right rate for you is our number one goal.

Protecting Your Bike

Motorcycle theft is and ever-present problem that we can prepare you for. Our relationship with top carriers will help ensure that your motorcycle is well covered in the event of theft. Your desire is to stay on the road riding. Our goal is to help you do that.

Motorcycle Insurance Coverages 

  • Comprehensive: This covers your motorcycle for damage caused by fire, vandalism, theft, hail damage, storms, and other non-traffic accident claims.
  • Collision/upset: Covers damage to the motorcycle in an accident even if it's your own fault. This insurance pays to repair or replace your bike, less the deductible amount
  • Additional liability coverage: Reduce the risk of financial loss by increasing the standard liability limit from $1 million to $2 million. This coverage is for all the costs in the case of an accident for all parties affected (medical costs, legal costs, property damage, hurting someone else, rehab, etc). (optional with some carriers)
  • Accessories: Cover replacement or repairs on the accessories and extras you’ve added to your bike. (optional with some carriers)
  • Rental vehicle coverage: If you’re planning a long road trip or you often ride far from home, this coverage will allow you to transport a breakdown yourself, rather than pay excessive tow charges. (optional with some carriers)
  • Roadside assistance: If you ever break down far from home, roadside assistance pays for jumps, gas or towing your bike home or to the nearest facility. (only available through certain insurance carriers)
  • Replacement cost: Pays to replace your bike with an entirely new ride, not just the fair market value, which may be a lower amount than what you paid for the bike. (optional with some carriers)
  • Trip interruption coverage: Helps pay for lodging, food and a substitute vehicle when a mechanical breakdown or a covered loss occurs more than 100 miles from home. (only available through certain insurance carriers)

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