When it comes to overseeing and maintaining a fleet of vehicles, even the most well controlled scenarios are rife with risk — and that’s when your typical cargo consists of commodities, not living, breathing passengers.

Whether you’re running a city-wide fleet of buses and taxis or a tightly run line of luxury limousines, the business of getting passengers where they need to go quickly, conveniently or in style presents exciting opportunities. It also creates business exposures that can quickly complicate things.

The right partner can help you analyse your risk, and position yourself to help care for those affected in the event of an accident. A strong risk management relationship can also help you better protect your officers, your assets, and your operation’s reputation and stability.

Transit Insurance Experts That Understand

Our experts understand the challenges faced across your sector and will work alongside you to better understand your unique business and the risks and opportunities you face.

Options for coverage include:

  • Accident analysis and trending
  • Alternative risk transfer options and captives
  • Auto garage liability
  • Auto liability
  • Collision coverage
  • Commercial fleet insurance including passenger hazard higher limits
  • Comprehensive coverage, including borrowed, rented and personal vehicles
  • Directors and officers liability
  • Environmental impairment liability coverage
  • Medical payments
  • Property, liability and umbrella coverage

From minding public safety, pollution and disability laws to managing your vehicles, garages and drivers, running a safe and profitable transportation fleet requires tight risk management practices. We can help you as you work to reduce the potential for preventable accidents, account for the human element of your industry – both behind the wheel and safely in a passenger seat – and maintain positive relationships with school districts, government regulators, law authorities, city inspectors, your clients and your insurers. 

This product is currently not available in Quebec. Please stay tuned for updates on its availability.