Your business moves fast — and your insurance coverage is more valuable when your claims management process can keep up.

Claims are part of every business and you and your employees deserve claims handling everyone can count on. When NFP’s national claims service practice stewards your claims management program, you get the support and outcomes your business needs.

Our goal and priority is to make your job easier by:

  • Reviewing incidents and reporting new claims as soon as possible
  • Working with insurance carriers to quickly set up and assign claims
  • Identifying potential points of overlapping coverage and placing all applicable policies on notice
  • Ensuring claims below the policy deductible are evaluated and handled appropriately
  • Monitoring the progression of claims using insurance carrier/TPA Risk Management Information Systems (RMIS) and via contact with the assigned adjusters
  • Reviewing letters of coverage, declination and reservation of rights to maximize your coverage

Measure and Maintain the Highest Quality

We continually strive to provide best-in-class service. We monitor and review the performance of your insurance carrier/third-party administrator by completing a broker claims audit, when needed, to evaluate compliance with claims handling instructions and best practices.

Our audits measure overall compliance and provide a comprehensive overview of:

  • Initial and ongoing contact
  • Claim investigation
  • Payments
  • Accurate and timely reserving
  • Action plans
  • Subrogation
  • Settlement
  • Litigation
  • Claim Supervision

Contact us to learn how our extensive technical knowledge, proactive oversight and top-to-bottom service can make the difference in your claims program.