Whether you’re looking to change up your game plan or want to provide your workforce with supplementary benefits to keep them safe and satisfied, you may need to deal with additional details and data.

When your organization begins creating efficiencies in an existing program or building a new program altogether, the incoming information can be overwhelming. Accounting for provincial and federal regulations is a significant pull on HR professionals’ time. Ensuring you’re properly supporting all demographics and proactively planning for your peoples’ retirement years necessitates ongoing evaluations and adjustments. Even if your aim is just to take a better look at details of your business and ensure you know where you stand, these layers of complexity impact how you keep costs under control.

Looking toward the future and balancing possibilities is important — and you already understand the unique challenges and solutions that can arise. When your board,your clients and your workforce rely on you to keep them free from financial risks, precision and planning are vital. We have many years of experience assisting clients navigate the complexities of their Canada pension plans and post-retirement benefits programs.

We’ll help take the guesswork out of strategic planning so you can focus on your core business. We offer functional actuarial consulting solutions, processes and systems with highly personalized consulting support.

Our actuaries and consultants have experience in:

  • Actuarial funding and accounting valuations 
  • Valuation and reporting of post-retirement benefits 
  • Member education sessions
  • Pension Committee/Administrator education
  • Pension legislation monitoring and compliance
  • Governance review/documentation
  • Supplemental retirement plans
  • Transfer ratio monitoring 
  • All aspects of pension plan administration
  • Plan document/amendment preparation
  • Audit support
  • Asset/liability modelling support 

We’re here to help your company thrive. Talk with us today about setting your employees up for success with a compliant, affordable and well-managed group retirement plan.