Offer your services with confidence, with strong errors and omissions insurance that covers the costs of human error.

Professional liability insurance has several names, such as errors and omissions (E&O) and malpractice insurance (for some healthcare professionals).

Whatever name it goes by, the purpose of professional liability coverage is to protect you or your company from the potential financial damages due to a client holding you responsible for a service that did not meet an expected or promised outcome. E&O covers risks and fills in the gaps that your general liability insurance probably doesn’t. Most professional liability policies cover judgments, settlements, and defence costs associated with any civil suits initiated by a dissatisfied client.

Professional liability insurance is most obviously necessary for doctors, lawyers and financial advisors, but anyone whose business is providing a service for a fee should consider coverage. The beauty of professional liability insurance is that it can often be tailored to meet the specific needs of your business.

E&O Coverage To Meet Your Needs

Certain risks come with being an expert in your field, and we know that to truly deliver for your clients, you need to go that extra mile. Errors, omissions and exceptions shouldn’t have you and your business floundering. Get in touch with us today to review an existing policy or ask questions about setting up your own E&O policy.

Let's work together so you can close the gap, rein in your risk and stay safe when trouble comes your way.