Whatever industry you operate in, you face risk from a number of sources.

While any organization’s greatest asset is its employees, the people that build up your workforce and make your company thrive can also be the source of your greatest liabilities.

From the simple misstep of falling victim to a scam or more intentional employee theft and dishonesty, the exposures you face in ensuring your people are safe, secure and acting in your organization’s and client’s best interests stack up quickly. Exposures to traditional theft, computer system breaches, social engineering fraud, and other related liabilities that arise through your operations, can be protected and covered through adequate commercial crime liability coverages.

Understanding the Impact of Crime on Your Company

Theft, forgery, robbery, wire fraud — even the employees you trust the most could be engaged in nefarious behaviour at work. No matter what industry you work in, if you have employees, you have exposure to employee theft.

Most employers want to trust their employees. Yet employee theft, negligence and other personnel pitfalls do occur. In a tough economy, when employees are unhappy, the instances of employee theft increase. Often, it is the employee you would not expect.

Our experts help you evaluate risk management strategies to mitigate employee-based exposures. We review your exposures, locate risks and work with you to understand protocols and policies that can be put in place to mitigate the risks.

We work with you on a policy to help insulate your business from loss, theft and other forms of crime, whether it originates from within or without your organization.

When you have a claim, we’re there. Our claims team walks you through the process and keeps you updated on the status of your claim. Even before a claim, we are here to provide information on issues, review policy language and make sure you have the broadest coverage available.

Let’s work together to do everything we can to keep your organization as covered as we can.

We’re focused on helping you foster meaningful changes for your organization through precisely placed policies, proactive business processes, and technology upgrades and implementation. In the ever-changing market, we can help you protect against risk and support your people. As threats to your workforce and clients continue to grow and change, we’re here to help you understand and account for those risks coming from all sources.

Our specialists can help you source and place the protection you need to cover those exposures, including:

  • Commercial crime liability
  • Employee benefit plan liability
  • Fidelity bonds
  • ERISA bonds
  • Credit insurance
  • Social engineering fraud coverage
  • Financial institution bonds