Your company may provide indemnity, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be covered when you need it the most.

Your role as a director or officer puts your personal assets at risk. If you are named individually in a suit, or your company becomes insolvent, the indemnification may not be there.

Shareholders, creditors, suppliers, customers, competitors, employees and even the government can all hold you personally liable for your management decisions. A D&O insurance policy can provide financial protection for individuals with fiduciary responsibilities against claims arising from alleged wrongful acts that took place within the scope of their managerial duties.

Covering Your Assets

A D&O policy can pay for defence costs and financial loss, like the costs associated with administrative and criminal proceedings and with investigations by regulators or criminal prosecutors.

D&O insurance doesn’t only protect directors and officers against the financial risks that may arise from the decisions they make or fail to make. It also allows company officers and board members to make decisions with the knowledge that the risks attached are manageable and transparent. Our specialists can help you protect your most valuable assets with a properly written directors and officers’ liability policy.

While there are many risks confronting directors and officers, key concerns include: 

  • Employment practices and other human resource-related issues
  • Shareholder actions
  • Reporting errors
  • Certain tax issues
  • Inaccurate and inadequate disclosures
  • Failure to comply with laws or regulations
  • Decisions that exceed the authority of a company officer

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