With the rise of data breaches across all industries, you need to protect your business and organization from cyberattacks.

Prepare for and mitigate the damage of cyber incidents and data breaches with the right coverage. 

You can’t completely avoid a data breach, but you can prevent a security incident from becoming a catastrophe with the right planning. NFP offers first-party and third-party coverage, which means we take care of claims made by the insured as well as liability claims against the insured.

Secure Cyber Liability Coverage 

Data thieves have become sophisticated in their methods of enticing employees to voluntarily give up sensitive information. Prevention is the best step, but when prevention fails, cyber liability insurance provides coverage for liability and costs associated with a network security data breach and compromise of personally identifiable information. This type of information can include: 

  • Protected health information (PHI) of employees or clients
  • Social Insurance Numbers (SIN) or tax identification numbers
  • Driver’s license numbers
  • Passport numbers
  • Financial account information 
  • Credit card numbers
  • Non-public individually identifiable information as defined by law 

Our first-party coverage includes business interruption, computer data loss and restoration, credit monitoring, crisis management, extortion, forensic investigation, lost data and devices, notification costs, and PCI fines and penalties. Third-party coverage includes litigation and regulatory measures, media liability, and regulatory response.

Don’t leave your organization vulnerable to the financial and legal ramifications of a data breach. Let’s work together to keep you covered and thriving in the information age.