Supporting the global supply chain is supporting commerce around the world.

Every trucking insurance program is as unique as the operation it is designed to insure. Wherever your operation is located or the nature of the business, we maintain a core group of transportation experts within our North American specialty team. We understand how time sensitive and nimble work environments are with trucking fleets and how important it is to support them with solutions to every day challenges.

NFP can provide insurance solutions for trucking operations in every area of your business:

  • Fleet and non-fleet truckmen’s insurance policies. From fixed priced solutions to alternate risk and group captive insurance options, we can access the optimum solution for your business.
  • Cargo, warehouseman legal liability and contingent cargo insurance policies for asset and non-asset-based carriers.
  • Commercial general liability policies designed for the unique needs of your operation.
  • Property policies, bonds and other surety solutions required to keep your operation moving.

Our trucking division has experience in insuring every type of freight from over-dimensional super loads to last mile LTL carriers. We have access to many insurance specialty insurers who trust our team to bring them quality trucking operations backed up with our experience in actively offering risk mitigation strategies. Our role extends beyond providing insurance solutions: we are business advisors to our clients.

Understanding Comprehensive Truck Insurance

While liability is the major risk exposure for most over the road carriers, our collective goal is to ensure the cargo arrives at destination in the same condition as it left the shipper. There are many perils that may be encountered on route. Our role is to understand the potential for loss and insure the goods accordingly with a comprehensive cargo insurance policy.

We understand the complexity of moving the goods, the multiple relationships involved in the transaction, the regulations surrounding the movement of goods and the contractual requirements of all parties. You will be provided with expert advice to ensure the goods are properly insured throughout the entire process.

NFP supports the North American trucking industry through risk management processes designed to measure and manage the total cost of risk. We offer many insurance solutions for the trucking industry, from conventional insurance policies to captive insurance programs for both common and private carriers. Contact us today to see how we can help support your operation.