Canada’s railway industry is an indispensable portion of the global supply chain.

Between constantly changing logistics and rail-based legislation, advancements in technology and the growing needs of better connecting cities and municipalities, the challenges of keeping talented operators and conductors in your wheelhouses, maintaining a safe and secure fleet and the sheer intricacies of claims administration when an inevitable accident happens, the railway industry is always in motion.

While, on the surface, getting passengers and cargo where they need to go on a fixed track could seem simple, there are a huge number of risks you need to mind before pulling out of the station. Beyond the engine itself, it’s also important to consider how you manage your workforce across your offices to your maintenance bays. The effectiveness of your tools to the safety of your shipping yards and passenger stops and new construction play a part as well. Ultimately, the sheer volume of exposures tends to leave insurance markets cautious when it comes to transportation and shipping risk.

The right partner can help you dive into the details and position your company to align with insurers’ criteria, setting your operation up for success.

Whether your operation spans the entirety of Canada and beyond, ships across your province or connects local job sites together, our long-time experts in the Canadian rail industry work alongside you to understand your unique operation and get to work analyzing, designing and placing risk solutions for your specific insurance needs. We focus on your obstacles and objectives to help you better face challenges regarding:

  • Railway commercial liability
  • Contingent exposures
  • Cargo, contingent cargo and excess cargo policies
  • Commercial general liability
  • Equipment breakdown
  • Physical damage coverage
  • Warehouse exposures

Let’s work together on setting up the strategies and systems to keep your operation running smoothly.