As our access to flight grows, whether we’re taming the skies or pushing further into space, the risks inherent to the industry grow as well.

Whether it’s the simplicity of getting on or purchasing a plane, the advancement in private space enterprises, or the proliferation and popularization of unmanned drones for both professionals and enthusiasts, the aviation and aerospace industries have been growing by leaps and bounds.

Where there is growth, however, there are new risks and exposures. Fortunately, there are experts and mechanisms waiting to deal with them.

Exploring Global Aerospace Coverage

NFP’s aviation and aerospace industry specialists are experts in helping you account for your exposures. We have the knowledge necessary to unearth coverage options as unique as the complex risks inherent in your industry. Our experts work alongside you to understand your operation’s unique situation, needs and goals. 

From property coverage for your hangars, garages, runways and worksites to the vehicles you operate (both soaring through the air and as ground support), our aviation experts examine every aspect of your risk management profile. Through our thorough auditing, we ensure we’re providing the best path forward to keeping you covered so you can achieve your goals.

Charting a Course for Insured Aircraft

Trust our specialists to keep you covered when it comes to a number of businesses, operations and niches in the aviation and aerospace sector, including:

  • Air fleets
  • Airport operations
  • Aviation maintenance and service facilities
  • Aviation products and manufacturing operations
  • Charter services
  • Corporate jets and private aircraft
  • Fixed-base operators
  • Ground crews
  • Hangars and other aviation properties
  • Planes
  • Unmanned drones, helicopters and other types of aircraft
  • Repair centres and machinery
  • Refuelling facilities
  • Pilots

Let’s work together to better approach your future and take your operation to new heights with a protection plan that perfectly fits your unique needs.

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