The roofing industry is always evolving. Unfortunately, its risks change just as fast. Make sure you have the protection you need to move forward.

For as long as we have been building homes and commercial buildings, we have needed roofing contractors. From clay roofing tiles to tar applications and then to the asphalt shingles, hot and cold membrane, the method and materials used today have helped shape the roofing industry — and its risks.

The State of Roofers Insurance

In the late 1990s and early to mid-2000s, the roofing industry in Canada was in a chaotic state. Fires caused by torch-applied roofing systems as well as tar and asphalt kettles sometimes used at roof level were a regular occurrence. In addition, in 1998 Montreal and eastern Ontario experienced the largest ice storm in its history. All of a sudden, hundreds of roofing contractors appeared, posing as experienced roofing specialists, butchering roofs around the city trying to remove the heavy ice to prevent collapse.

All of this resulted in a virtual moratorium for roofers insurance coverage on a national basis. There was very little coverage available and what was available was extremely expensive.

Since then, several groups have formed, associations have been born and loss control practices have been adopted as regular practice for certain roofing applications. All have helped improve the results of this industry, providing more stability and measures in which to gauge the quality of the roofer.

Lloyds of London are the main players writing roofing contractors liability in Canada. Each and every syndicate has their own appetite and rating structure.

The NFP Roofers Insurance Program

The NFP program is unique, not all roofing contractors qualify for our program, not all accounts will merit the broad range of coverage and competitive pricing in which we have been providing to many roofing contractors over the past six years. Our program includes:

  • General liability limits of up to $10,000,000
  • High percentage of torch applied (open flame) membrane installation accepted
  • Preferred rating for accounts that qualify
  • Faulty or improper workmanship extension
  • Errors and omissions liability included
  • Goods on hook coverage
  • Accidental asbestos discovery
  • Extended pollution coverage
  • Forest fire expense liability
  • Fungi and fungal derivatives coverage

If you are one of the select few that do qualify for our insurance program, you will benefit from customized coverages. Many are not offered by other providers such as faulty workmanship, competitive rates, superior service and a team of professionals to help you through any situation. We understand your business, your process and the practices you need to impose on your staff to prevent losses from occurring, all in effort of becoming better businesses, more prudent professionals and quality tradesmen.

Join a Prestigious Coverage Group

Has the market had to adjust as a result of our launch in 2015? Yes. Rates and coverages for roofers insurance were adjusted throughout the industry. However, unfortunately, not all roofing contractors have worked as hard to improve their controls, train their staff, keep logs and adhere to the guidelines recommended by local associations or their insurers. Ultimately, this frequently resulted in losses exceeding premiums paid. The adverse affects of this could cause another collapse of the market. To a certain degree, this has had an impact, even to those companies with the best standards. Rates have been on the rise in past two years, and our roofing contractors with an exception claims history are still a target client for underwriters.

Sustainability is critical to our success and yours. If you can rely on your insurer to be there and to be providing the best coverage on the market at a premium that is fair and adequate to manage losses when they arise, then you can concentrate on growing your business without fear that your insurance will not be there for you.

This is why we invite you to join our group. The NFP roofing program is prestigious and provides coverage to only an elite group of roofing contractors. We are active members of the AMCQ in Quebec, can provide limits up to $10M and have a claims advocacy program ready to support you.