Protect the future of your business with strategic machinery breakdown insurance coverage.

Having the right equipment performing at optimal capacity is integral to your operation, and breakdowns can have lasting impacts on your bottom line.

Regardless of what your work entails, you rely on your systems and equipment. That might include an office’s network systems, or a building’s boiler and air system. In other industries, that might mean the heavy machinery that keeps a construction site operating effectively, or the refrigerators at a restaurant. 

Every organization needs the right tools for the job to make work effective and efficient. When those mission-critical tools break down your work shouldn’t grind to a halt. We have the know-how to lift you back up and keep your company secure when your equipment breaks down.

Equipment Breakdown Insurance Specialists for Your Needs

When an issue or loss occurs, whether you’re involved in point of the supply chain or all of it, there could be significant financial impact from the process of repairing or replacing machinery, personnel, or property. We have extensive experience placing property programs that include extensive equipment definitions across every industry’s footprint. We focus on the particulars that matter, such as coverage wording, maintenance of proper limits and comprehensive evaluation of your assets. 

Our equipment breakdown insurance experts work side by side with you, taking time to truly understand your business, growth patterns and goals to precisely assess your opportunities and your risks, then together we explore how to mitigate, reduce or eliminate exposures while proactively capitalizing on your connections and circumstances. 

We’re in the business of mitigating risk, covering you across the ins and outs of your specific operation, with experience and expertise that spans across industries and sectors to provide thorough, custom-built insurance solutions to firms large and small, from local agencies to multinational companies and international conglomerates.

As business risks are ever changing, we’re here to provide guidance and make sure your programs and policies adapt.

Setting Manufacturing Up for Success

From claims support to contract management, risk mitigation, workforce consultation and workers’ compensation, we can help you decrease the cost of your risks and expand your enterprise. Together, we’ll look at the cost of what’s at stake and help you see the big picture, including the details of what to address and when.

Talk with us today about setting up comprehensive protection for your machinery, materials and setups. Let’s build a machinery breakdown insurance policy together to keep you working through times of trouble.