For any oil and gas operation, keeping a well running means keeping your revenue stream strong and business running.

With so many figurative and literal moving pieces integral to your operation, equipment breakdown, well blowout, redrilling, accident and injury, and pollution cleanup can all end up involving expensive and upsetting business interruption. 

However, extensive or focused your operation is, a dedicated partner is vital to helping you control costs, stay on schedule, better understand your risks and make more informed decisions — both in a crisis and while you’re focusing on achieving your business goals.

Specialized Control of Well Coverage

Our energy sector experts have a specialized focus on the oil and gas industry and can help you regain control of a situation gone awry with a thorough control of well insurance policy covering costs for expenses regarding:

  • Regaining control: The cost to identify the damage and send crews to stop an emergency in progress can mount quickly.
  • Cleanup expenses: Before control is regained, a significant amount of toxic gas or oil has usually escaped. The remediation expenses will be covered.
  • Redrilling and restoration costs: Once cleanup is finished, getting back to business can be costly, sometimes requiring an entirely new well to be drilled.

Whether you’re an owner, operator, non-operator or drilling contractor, trust our experts to help account for catastrophe, cover your costs and expenses across accidents and interruption and provide integral advice for your operation.