We’re with you every step of your medical journey.

We are a licensed in all 10 provinces around the country. NFP is a leading international insurance broker and consultant providing specialized business and personal insurance, group benefits, retirement and individual solutions through its licensed subsidiaries and affiliates.

Our solutions include options for life insurance, critical illness, wealth management, home and auto, travel insurance, and much more.

Insurance for Medical Residents and Fellows

We understand you’re working hard during your residency and spare time is at a premium. We also know your insurance needs will change depending on where you’re practising and what area of medicine you’ve chosen. Our coverage isn’t exclusive to Canada, either, We can help cover you wherever your residency or fellowship takes you.

Let us help you take care of your investments so you can take care of your patients.

A breakdown of your available coverages and limits:


  • No medical underwriting/nurse visits
  • Includes the riders: Own occupation, cost of living adjustment & HIV Hep B & C.
  • Includes the Future income option up to $25,000/month to increase at a later date without medical underwriting.
  • Free Coverage – up to 12 months free disability coverage as a medical student & 5 months as a resident, fellow & entering into practice.
  • 25% discount applied at time of application.
  • Guaranteed conversion option to a long term care policy.

Solutions for In-Practice Insurance

Whether you’re in a clinic, hospital or seeing patients virtually, we understand there is little time to consider the countless other business decisions and financial impacts.

Your insurance needs will change during this period and additional coverages will need to be added to protect both you and your practice along with any other liabilities that arise.

A financial plan is not a single-purpose, one-time task. When you decide to develop a financial plan for your life, oftentimes it will be a multi-step, multi-purpose and long-term project. Collaborating with experienced advisors is a necessary part of financial planning. The right partner by your side will help you foresee challenges, harness opportunities and guide you through the course of your total plan.

Access the special expertise your legacy deserves as you build your wealth through real estate, investments, and personal and business assets.

When it comes to financial planning, your partner’s overall approach should deliver well-tailored, comprehensive coverage. NFP’s life and wealth management team offer services in three key areas:

  1. Life insurance
  2. Living benefits (critical illness and disability insurance)
  3. Wealth Management & Financial Planning

Short and Long-Range Objectives

We help individuals and families preserve, protect and grow their assets, as well as fund their personal, professional and philanthropic goals. Our expertise, market access, industry alliances and buying power are coordinated and delivered through our wholesale and retail life insurance and wealth management platforms.

Solutions to Confidently Complete Your Life Plans

As you set out to build your financial portfolio there may be gaps that need to be filled. Let us help you diversify and build a robust financial portfolio that considers these gaps and eliminates them.

Financial Planning - And a Whole Lot More

NFP is a leading insurance broker and consultant that provides specialized business and personal insurance, group benefits, retirement and individual solutions through our licensed subsidiaries and affiliates. Our expertise is matched by our commitment to each client’s goals and is enhanced by our investments in innovative technologies in the insurance brokerage and consulting space.