RBC’s Medical Student Offer is the first step to keeping you protected should you lose your ability to earn income as a physician due to an accident/sickness.

The risks you face as a physician are greater than any other profession and this protection plan offers a balance between your current needs with flexibility for future requirements.

RBC Medical Offer for Students

Medical school required a lot of time and financial commitment. There’s no better time to start planning for your career’s protection than while you’re still in school.

Our personalized coverage will protect your assets every step of your career.

Let us worry about what coverages you need while you focus on your residency and what type of medicine you will pursue.


  • No medical underwriting/nurse visits.
  • Includes the riders: Own occupation, cost of living adjustment & HIV Hep B & C.
  • Includes the Future income option up to $25,000/month to increase at a later date without medical underwriting.
  • Free Coverage: Up to 12 months free disability coverage as a medical student & 5 months as a resident, fellow & entering into practice.
  • 25% discount applied at time of application.
  • Guaranteed conversion option to a long-term care policy.

To view a copy of the current RBC application please click here.