Whether you have a spouse, children, student loans or a mortgage, you deserve more than a pre-packaged solution.

Purchasing life insurance is an important decision, and there is no shortage of factors to consider.

There are many reasons to purchase life insurance, and we want to ensure the process is smooth while giving you the coverage you need. In the event of your passing, a life insurance policy can support your family with funds received through a death benefit. This money is not normally taxable and therefore your beneficiaries will not have to report the amount on your Canada income tax return. This will help preserve both your legacy and wealth.

Funds received from a life insurance policy can be used towards many aspects of life, such as paying bills, a mortgage, sending children to university or college and much more, ensuring that your family is able to pursue the dreams you made together.

As a people-first company, we’re dedicated to focusing on you. Our life insurance experts will sit down and listen to what you want to accomplish in your life and when, and what your financial priorities are. We are firm believers in this approach so that we can help you create a solid strategy and foundation.

We take an approach that takes personal, financial and philanthropic goals into account while working to make sure you have reasonable premiums and affordable monthly payments. Evaluating your portfolio involves suggesting ways to reposition your assets with the goal of ultimately helping the people you care about the most.

Whether you decide to purchase term or permanent life insurance, we will walk you through your options and help you select one that suits your life. We account for factors such as your annual income, debts, life insurance through your employer and more to make sure you have the right amount of coverage to keep your loved ones safe.

Reach out today to arrange a time for us to talk about how we can leave your family with a solid foundation.