As your organization grows across the globe, so do your responsibilities toward your culture and your people.

International Benefits For Greater Participation in the Global Community

Whether you’re sourcing talent from your national neighbours, setting up expatriate workers for success or expanding your business beyond your own country’s borders, international business growing past the bounds of Canada is rewarding, but comes with difficulties. Unfamiliar compliance intricacies, international benefits services and designs, global health benefits needs, retirement norms, HR expectations, multiples languages and different dialects and cultural mores can all lead to costly challenges for your organization.

Crossing the US Border

Oftentimes, your business’ first steps abroad will be south toward the United States.

While this may seem like a simple transition on the surface, US businesses and legislation carry a significantly different benefits and retirement culture – not to mention HR needs – from Canada.

Luckily, NFP in the United States are employee benefits experts — and we team up with our US partners to ensure you’ve got the right help in finding the best solutions to your US benefits needs, including:

  • Employee benefits to keep work forces focused, cared for and in good health
  • Executive benefits to fill compensation gaps to better attract and retain key talent
  • HR solutions to help organizations engage with and empower their employees
  • Retirement solutions to help workers save for their future and allow new talent the opportunity to thrive

Each of these benefits focus areas are more intricate and involved in the next. Trust NFP’s US benefits experts to understand the details and mechanisms you need to help keep your business growing and successful across the border.

Facing a World of Complications

Global expansion, however, doesn’t stop in the US.

Every new nation has distinct cultural norms – not to mention rules and regulations – that bleed into their benefits and compensation expectations. Even if you feel safe and secure in the employment strategies you’ve set up in Canada or the US, you may find considerably less success mirroring those strictures somewhere else.

Navigating the international nuance, while possible, is time consuming and challenging. Insufficient preparation and can seriously hinder your expansion and success if you unknowingly turn away potential talent, clients and your new community. All the while you’re charged taking care of your employees while preserving and bolstering your company culture at home and abroad, presenting a number of unique challenges.

Your global health benefits offering, retirement planning and HR support systems are all integral piece of your company culture puzzle. You might have an excellent grasp on keeping your employees running a growing organization in Canada, or even in the US as well, but the international landscape is wildly different than it is at home. Trustworthy information and independent local decision makers are equally hard to find. Further, those new benefits costs often don’t quite justify hiring internal staff for fact-finding, fiduciary oversight and governance.

International Benefits Simplified

NFP’s international expertise lives in the details. Our process is a continuous two-way street, starting with a fact-finding conversation that helps us hone in on exactly what you’re looking for so our consultants with capabilities and on-the-ground expertise in over 140 countries can translate that into the solutions that work specifically for your situation. From there, we stick with you, delivering constant proactive oversight, accountability and security, helping you make sure no office ever seems out of reach.

Expanding business operations to the world beyond your business’ national borders means even more complexity when it comes to managing your culture, your people and your data. Let NFP help you swiftly expand your operation overseas with the solutions that make sense for where you are today and where you’re going tomorrow.