You can’t predict the future, but you can plan for it. A bright, stable future for your workforce starts by planning now.

Group Retirement Services to Help Your Employees Plan for the Future

You’re helping your employees plan for the future with a post-retirement savings program, but truly helping your workforce remain healthy, wealthy and thriving well into their post-employment futures is more complicated and competitive than it can seem on the surface.

At times, giving your employees the peace of mind to retire comfortably can seem like an insurmountable task — and if your current advisor isn’t helping you build your plan into something competitive for your industry or easing the burdens of pension and group retirement plan design, governance and employee education, you might not be getting the support you deserve.

Organizational retirement planning isn’t something you have to do on your own.

Experts in Group Retirement Services

Your business is only as strong as its people, and since talent retention and attraction are top of mind for many organizations today, a group retirement savings plan is critical.

Many organizations find themselves at loss when it comes attracting and retaining new talent. A solid group retirement program is a great first step to find those top performers and instill the loyalty and dedication in them that will keep your organization flourishing.

Whether your employees are looking at your savings program to keep them comfortable into retirement or they’re looking to empower themselves with financial independence today, NFP’s Group Retirement Consulting team delivers the tools, services and insights you need to differentiate yourself from your competition and deliver real value for your people.

Our focused experts put more accurate plan design in your hands, helping you better understand your plan, benchmark it against averages and competitors in your industry, perform cost analysis to ascertain what both your organization and your members bear and keep you abreast of changes and trends in the broader retirement plan provider marketplace.

Trust us to help build up your plan with our specialized experience in both:

  • Group registered retirement savings plans (RRSP): Group RRSPs are a popular option and available to most Canadians. When investing money in an RRSP, the money is tax-free until you withdraw it. Plus, every dollar contributed is tax deduction eligible. Because taxes don’t impact RRSPs, RRSPs help you save more money over time. At NFP, we can offer advice and assessments regarding the use of and contribution to group registered retirement savings plans. In some instances, it may be beneficial to take advantage of several different investing tools.
  • TFSA plans: Tax-free savings accounts allow employees to earn investment income, tax-free, inside the account. Contributions are voluntary and not tax-deductible, and the investment offers multiple financial benefits. Our extensive market knowledge and a longstanding history in the industry give us unique perspective on the effectiveness of a TFSA plan. Meet with one of our experts if you are considering a group benefits or savings plans.

Securing Your Future

Whether you’re just starting a business, building bigger than ever, or simply looking for the right advice to keep things in order, our Group Retirement Consulting team wants to help you care for your workforce today, tomorrow and every day after that.

From a no-cost governance assessment to kick off the conversation to pension committee support, we’re dedicated to sticking with you every step of the retirement or pension plan improving process. We’ll always keep you prepared with data, advice and our suite of services to keep your plan running perfectly. Let’s talk today about setting your employees up for retirement success.