Your employees work hard for you. Reward their hard work with quality group home and auto insurance.

Many organizations struggle to retain and attract talent. Fortunately, providing quality insurance is a great solution. These benefits are highly valued by employees, leading to higher job satisfaction and loyalty among current staff, and giving you an edge when recruiting.

We take pride in our ability to create group home and auto programs that optimize value and mitigate insurance risk for plan members.

Optimized Group Home and Auto Insurance

Thanks to our expertise and relationships with industry-leading carriers, we can help ensure you get the absolute best for your employees. To further improve the quality of your insurance package, we’ll assign a licensed advisor to your account to provide your employees with exceptional customer service.

From the get-go, few to no administrative duties fall on your company, resulting in no cost to provide this service. Not only will your employees receive top-notch insurance, but they will benefit from great discounts which could result in savings.

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