Taking care of your people and remaining compliant with industry standards go hand-in-hand — but keeping track of the fine print of plan compliance is no small feat.

Your workforce is diverse, your business is broad, and your pension and retirement planning has to account for the complex pension regulations and legislation established federally and provincially. If your company crosses provincial boundaries or operates in other countries, these considerations become even more complicated. All the while, you need to continually account for the demographics, data and culture of your business.

The right partner can help you account for these difficulties and keep a closer eye on the fine details of your plan.

NFP’s retirement experts understand the intricacies of delivering excellent benefits. As part of our group retirement and group benefit solutions, we deliver pension valuation and actuarial services to help you manage your defined benefit plan funding decisions by performing the required or strategic funding valuations. In addition, our actuaries perform annual post-retirement valuations to determine your financial statement obligation and expense.

That means our pension actuaries and data consultants will help you wrap up year-end reporting, scope out the costs and liability impacts of plan changes and a whole lot more. We’ll even provide actuarial input during union negotiations.

In addition, our group retirement actuarial services team has experience in:

  • All aspects of pension plan administration
  • Asset liability modelling support
  • Audit support
  • Governance review/documentation
  • Member education sessions
  • Pension Committee/Administrator education
  • Pension legislation monitoring and compliance
  • Plan document/amendment preparation
  • Supplemental retirement plans
  • Transfer ratio monitoring

Talk with us today about lightening the load on your HR department and dialing in the details of your group retirement plan.