A suite of well-managed benefits is a valuable thing, inspiring prospective employees and building loyalty in your current workforce.

Your reputation as an employer who provides its employees with a good benefits package helps you build trust even before an employee is hired.

Every business is different. In a multi-generational, multi-cultural work environment, it’s truer than ever that your employees have unique financial, physical health, and mental health and well-being needs. Meet them halfway with programs that fit.

Whatever the industry or size of your company, your goals are our goals at the end of the day.

Let’s work together to help you develop a benefits program that goes above and beyond. Thanks to our relationships with respected insurance carriers, we can help you make the most of your employee benefits potential and support you as you negotiate benefits contracts. NFP’s benefits experts can help sort through offerings, develop a road map and roll out organization-specific employee support. We can also offer the tools to effectively analyze, manage and adjust that program over time.

Retain and attract talent in a tight market. Increase your employees’ engagement and efficiency. Build the culture your company deserves with excellent benefits, retirement support and life insurance options: employee benefits Canada needs.

Retirement Benefits to Help Plan a Bright and Stable Future

Beyond the benefits of working years, figuring out how to keep your workforce healthy, wealthy and thriving well into retirement can feel overwhelming at times. Sometimes, giving your employees the peace of mind to retire comfortably can feel like an insurmountable task.

We can lend our expertise to build a perfect pension and retirement plan for your organization. Let our retirement experts help you and your employees navigate the road to retirement.

Life Insurance to Look After Loved Ones

Our teams specialize in life insurance programs and are passionate about helping your employees and their families finding the balance they need. We’ll be your partner in the process and help you evaluate your needs and work to piece together tools that are relevant for your workforce. We can walk you through the complicated nature of life insurance and coverage options to make sure your employees and their families are covered.

We can also work with you to find a key person life insurance policy to protect your business’s future from the sudden loss of an important owner, founder or executive, no matter if you are a small business or large corporation.

Critical Illness and Disability Protection

Critical illness insurance solutions are a key component of a well-rounded benefits package and are a vital part of reducing risk and negative health outcomes. Plus, they’re typically affordable add-ons to life standard insurance policies. Our team of experts provide recommendations that align with the overall strategy and goals of the company. Our offerings include full or partial disability insurance, including business overhead protection, mortgage disability and business planning.

Let’s Work Together

We start with conversations and put the work in to learn about your employee’s needs with the goal of understanding your company’s culture, mission, vision and demographics. Your employees and leadership are always central to the process. We want to know what inspires them each day and what aspects of well-being and wellness they care most about. Then, we're able to build a tailored road map for an effective, evidence-based life insurance program.

Let’s create a benefits program that engages employees and elevates your business. Reach out to us today.