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Building a Future Together

A long-term commitment to fostering respect and growth.

Building a Future Together

A long-term commitment to fostering respect and growth.

NFP’s footprint in Canada is growing at an unprecedented speed. As a company, our growth is driven by our ability to attract valuable firms, expand our community, and create a valuable experience for both you and your clients.

NFP represents an attractive home for your organization with an innovative, diverse, people-focused community and ambitious plans for expansion. Our growth efforts resulted in us partnering with several major firms in recent years. We place a high value on the expertise and insight of those who join our organization. These professionals are a key part of the process and are integral to helping our brokerage grow.

Our mission is to empower organizations and people to overcome complex challenges and uncertainties with tailored solutions driven by active listening, hands-on guidance, specialized expertise and human connections.

A Fast-Growing Brokerage

NFP is a global organization, headquartered in the US, with a growing presence across Canada and in Europe.

Our acquisition strategy allows us to expand and make a mark in underrepresented regions, round out service capabilities and product expertise, and gain economies of scale. We are always looking for opportunities to expand both regionally and nationally.

Leverage Company Capital

Leverage Company Capital

Enhance Organic Growth

Enhance Organic Growth

Back Office and Sales Support

Back Office and Sales Support

Producer Recording

Producer Recording

A People-First Culture Based on Respect and Trust

We want to learn what made you successful, better understand how you help clients overcome their biggest challenges and integrate your company culture into our overarching community.

We respect who you are, the impact you’ve had on your clients and your community, and the people who make up your organization. We improve by building from what you’ve achieved, preserving the great things you’re doing, and creating paths to grow your business, relationships and people.

As a company, we’ve instilled a People-First Advisory Board. Its main mandate is to ensure that our efforts reflect the diverse needs and perspectives of the NFP community by amplifying employee voices in the decisions we make as an organization.

Our respect for every person is vital to everything we do as a company.

Forging Meaningful, Lasting Relationships

We are proud of the acquisitions we have made over the past several years. Here’s what some of the leaders of our legacy firms said about their new connection with NFP.

"Building on a robust set of existing services, joining NFP will generate a deeper portfolio of consultative services and product offerings for both our existing clients and prospects. We couldn’t be happier." image of Greg Padovani

Greg Padovani

Dalton Timmis | Joined NFP in December 2017

"This acquisition couldn’t have come at a better time. The expansive list of capabilities and resources that NFP provides benefits our long-standing clients and will help boost our service menu to appeal to prospective clients." image of Greg Dunn

Greg Dunn

Mass Insurance | Joined NFP in December 2018

"NFP provides us the opportunity to more broadly serve new and prospective corporate and individual clients. We continue to pride ourselves on our integrity, ethical standards and ability to form strong relationships. NFP’s extensive network and marketplace expertise will allow us to expand our client base while maintaining these grounding principles." image of Daryn McLean

Daryn McLean

McLean Hallmark | Joined NFP in July 2019

Seeking Growth in The Present, Into the Future

Our goal is simple. We’re looking to proactively collaborate with you to accelerate organic growth and ensure the perpetuity of your practice. We do this by constantly looking for opportunities to expand our offerings with specialized intellectual capital in personal insurance, business insurance, group benefits and retirement, and life and wealth management.

Simply put, we want to work with people who want to work with us.

Why NFP?

Our team believes in making a strong impression. For this reason, we have a team of professionals with extensive mergers and acquisitions experience ready to take the lead and build a relationship with you. From our first interaction, through due diligence, to integration, the team is focused on sustainable success.

What NFP offers:

  • A people-first culture driven by recognition, community, well-being, development, and inclusion.
  • Open and transparent communication with a willingness to listen to new ideas
  • Proactive collaboration across businesses and roles that inspires the celebration of all successes
  • Team-driven sales enablement based on where the industry is headed, not where it’s been
  • Consistent recognition as one of the best places to work in insurance
  • An integration process that minimizes business disruption and maximizes value
  • A global network of expertise and solutions across business lines and industries
  • “What if” innovation connecting problems with solutions to enhance outcomes for clients
  • A nimble, growing brand defined by deep relationships, expertise, and community.
  • Sales growth potential supported by national buying power and operational efficiency
NFP with 6000+ employees

NFP Mergers and Acquisitions Team

To connect with us, please contact:


Greg Padovani
Canada Lead, M&A
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Carl Nelson
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Adam Favale
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Brent Perkel
SVP, Integration Management
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Owen Chung
VP, Integration Management
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John Haas
President, Canada
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Scott Saddington
Chief Operating Officer
647 823 3282
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