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Henry Equestrian's decades of experience in equestrian liability insurance help us put in the appropriate equestrian risk management plan to help you confront the multiple risks you face. This allows us to customize a protection plan that both fits your needs and is flexible enough to adapt to changes in your activities. Our team of equestrian insurance specialists will help you design a policy to cover a wide range of commercial equestrian businesses, events and facilities.

Equestrian Coaching Insurance

Equestrian coaching insurance policies are often excluded from general liability policies but should be an integral part of your equestrian risk management plan. Independent coaches’ and instructors’ need coverage that follows them from farm to farm and protects them against bodily injury, property damage and more. A policy through Henry Equestrian means care, custody and controlled insurance for the horses in your care and also covers injury or death caused unintentionally by horses outside of your care. Work with Henry Equestrian to keep your equestrian coaching operation thriving.

Equine Liability Insurance for Farriers, Vets and All Other Equine Professionals

There’s a huge variety of professionals within the equine industry, and that means there is no easy, one-size-fits-all equine insurance policy. Whether you work as a farrier, horse vet, a horse massage therapist or as a different type of equine specialist, you’ll need an equine liability policy for your businesses. To maximize your equine liability insurance coverage, we’ll start with a conversation, learn the ins and outs of your business, and take the time to craft an equine insurance policy that covers any exposed risks. Working with Henry Equestrian can help you cover your business from attorney’s fees, court costs and any liability judgment with an equine-focused error and omissions insurance policy.

Equestrian Liability Insurance for Equine Clubs

People with similar interests love to congregate and celebrate their shared passions. Equine professionals and horse people are no different. But how do you protect your horse club from unknown or unforeseen risks? Our equestrian insurance specialists will help you size up your risks and identify your insurance needs so we can place a plan that covers your club. When your club hosts shows, practice rides, fundraisers, clinics or other events, you’ll need an equestrian liability policy focused on horse clubs and associations to provide protection for the wide range of activities sponsored or taking place at your club. Your equestrian club liability plan will protect you against claims or settlements related to injured individuals or damaged property from activities taking place at your club.

Insurance for Horse Shows

Similar to equine clubs, horse shows are gatherings of like-minded enthusiasts to enjoy their shared passion. What starts as an exciting, fun time with crowds of like-minded horse lovers can quickly turn bad. Trailers full of horses, large crowds of people, concession stands and bars, along with unfamiliar equipment can add up to a dangerous mix for equine event organizers. Fortunately, you can secure coverage to avoid being held liable if things don’t go as planned. Whether it’s bad weather, malfunctioning equipment or injuries, the last thing equine event organizers want is to be held liable for something outside of their control.

Henry Equestrian’s equine event insurance specialist cover the following:

  • Equestrian competitions
  • Parades
  • Gymkhanas
  • Trail rides
  • Horse clinics
  • And more

We offer a flexible horse show program tailored to your specific needs, with multiple options including:

  • Single events (one day or multi-day); series of events or annual policies. Individual events include a day either side for set-up and dismantling.
  • Event liability for injury or damage attributed to your organization.
  • Coverage for your organization, its board, volunteers and employees, or addition of venue owners, sponsors and other named individuals (for liability claims relating to your activities).
  • Liquor liability.
  • Care, custody and control liability.
  • Cancellation and weather insurance.

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance for Equine Professionals

Does your current coverage protect your directors and officers? If not properly covered, the exposures directors and officers face can potentially be disastrous. The difficult part is finding a broker who understands equine insurance and can properly tailor an insurance policy for your director and officers. After decades of experience in equine insurance, we know that the last thing you want is for your directors and officers to be held liable in the event of a disaster. Directors and officers liability insurance covers defence expenses and financial damages so that no one needs to risk their personal assets.

Our equine insurance specialists at Henry Equestrian will explain and walk you through the types of exposure to liability, including:

  • Violations of duties of care or diligence such as failures to manage or supervise, neglect or waste of assets, and improper delegation of authority
  • Breach of loyalty including self-dealing, corporate opportunities and any issues of conflict of interest

With so many types of risk involved in the horse world, special care is necessary to properly handle your liabilities. Contact us today to discuss how we can support you.

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