Life is unpredictable, but you can make life’s surprises less burdensome with the right preparation: a proper home insurance policy.

A home may be your largest investment, both financially and emotionally. That’s why the financial and emotional impact of damage or destruction of your home can be devastating.

Understanding Home Insurance

When it comes to understanding what a home insurance policy covers, rely on the knowledge of an insurance specialist to guide you to the coverage and exclusions. Broadly speaking, an NFP home insurance policy covers:

  • Damage or loss to your home
  • Damage, theft or loss of your personal possessions
  • Personal property stolen from your vehicle
  • Injury to visitors to your home or property
  • Accidental damage you cause to somebody else’s property

Our Specialists Are Here to Help

A home, its contents and the people who live inside it are the culmination of your lived experience. For the ultimate protection and your peace of mind, choose a home insurance policy from NFP.