Get holistic coverage for your unique interests and assets. Leave nothing exposed.

It’s critical that your coverage addresses your individual needs. Your assets, risks and vulnerabilities are unique to you. That’s why you need a customized insurance policy centred around everything that makes you who you are.

From the start, we get to know you and your assets, then make recommendations to provide secure protection in the event you may need it. We create a strategy that reflects your unique needs, goals and risk level. Finally, our insight into the nuances of certain risks and their potential damage gives us everything we need to help you make truly informed decisions.

Here for Today, Here for Tomorrow

We’re in it for the long haul. We know your life changes, and so do your protection needs. Every year – and each time your needs or circumstances shift or you experience the unexpected – we look closely at your whole insurance policy.

This allows us to:

  • Review your coverages and examine the potential for exposures
  • Double check coverage limits are where they should be
  • Market your coverage for best placements and competitive pricing
  • Measure your program components against emerging trends in the market

Knowledgeable Personal Insurance Specialists

No matter the uniqueness of your coverage requirements, our technical expertise and deep industry connections helps us untangle complexity, increase efficiency, and never leave questions unanswered. We provided insurance solutions backed by experienced, highly effective insurance underwriters. These expert-backed solutions include high limits of excess liability coverage and protection for:

  • Homeowners, farm and ranch
  • Personal aviation and aircraft
  • Automobiles, including antique and recreational vehicles
  • Secondary and seasonal homes
  • Group excess programs
  • Water damage because of overland water or sewer backup
  • Watercraft and yachts
  • Personal families and kidnap & ransom
  • Rental properties
  • Valuable personal property, jewellery, fine art and wines
  • Domestic staff

You’ve worked hard for everything you’ve earned. We have what it takes to protect everything you’ve worked for. We start by talking to you with the goal of viewing the world through your eyes. From there, we gain insight into the solutions you’re looking for and design a protection plan specifically for you, your assets and your individual situation. The result is coverage tailored to meet your needs.

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