Working in the service industry, it’s important to plan for a world-shaking amount of risk, especially if you serve alcohol.

The lively nature of the service industry has plenty of opportunities, but there are obvious risks and pitfalls as well. Beyond the usual and obvious risk of potential spills, slips and falls that could happen to your patrons or employees, it’s important to consider other scenarios as well. Injuries from hot surfaces and items, dishes breaking, even nightmare scenarios like accidents involving overserved guests or customers caught in some harrowing bar brawl crossfire could lead to liability.

Whether you find yourself in the back office, behind the bar, in the kitchen or out on the floor, our bar and restaurant industry experts are here to help you understand your exposures, account for your unique risks and help you align your protection plan with your business and culture goals across:

  • Bars, pubs and taverns 
  • Beer gardens
  • Brewpubs  
  • Casinos 
  • Dancehalls
  • Nightclubs  
  • Restaurants  
  • Sports bars   

Restaurant Insurance Tailored to Your Needs

With an insurance program tailored to your needs, we ensure that you are well looked after and equipped with the right risk management tools to protect your business. We evaluate everything from safety features to compliance best practices to keep your business covered, all the while offering easy-to-implement tips and coverage options to help keep your establishment ready and your insurance costs low.

From preserving your brand and protecting your patrons to staying solvent when equipment breaks down or food perishes, the specific set of risks in the service industry deserves the right set of coverage. Our focused experts with specialized understanding of your challenges work with you to build you a plan specific to your needs.