Getting drivers back on the road takes tailor-made car rental and insurance replacement coverage.

Your business is about helping people who’ve usually just suffered a car accident get back on the road. Rental car and insurance replacement coverage allows your clients to enjoy a car rental at the expense of their insurance company.

Your position in that journey means your business occupies a unique position in your customers’ comfort and safety. Similarly, claims for this nuanced class of rental are far more different and far between when compared to vehicles being rented on a retail basis

Our specialists realize your unique role in returning drivers to the road safely, comfortably and with peace of mind. This is only possible with tailor-made car rental and insurance replacement coverage.

We work with every unique operation on a one-on-one basis to deliver on your unique needs, delivering extensive and specific coverage options, including:

  • Flexible $2M, $3M & $5M Third Party Liability options available
  • Flexible Collision & Comprehensive deductibles
  • Side Agreement (Renters at Fault $50,000 deductible)
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Premises Liability Available
  • Permission to Rent or Lease
  • Dedicated adjusters specializing in Insurance Replacement claims

Our team of experts work alongside you to provide continuous feedback by recognizing every client’s individual needs while our daily rental coverage specialists to tailor coverage packages to suit your operational needs

Reach a short-term rental coverage specialist via [email/phone/TBC]