There’s no need to hoard large amounts of cash to cover prizes when you can simply pay a premium on a hole in one insurance policy.

If you’re looking for prize indemnity insurance solutions that won’t leave your contests success up to chance, NFP has them with our hole in one insurance program. Your premiums are based on the value of the prize and the statistical odds of a contestant winning it. The policy’s coverage limit is equal to your potential loss, being the financial value of the prize.

The cost of hole in one insurance is based on the following elements:

  • Number of golfers participating
  • Length of the hole being played
  • Total value of your main prize

As experts in the hole in one insurance space, we have contest operations know-how and knowledge about hole in one insurance coverage, so you have confidence when it comes to making sure that your contests are fully covered. Our hole in one insurance program allows you to offer exciting prizes at a nominal fee, without taking the risk. Instead, we take the risk for you. The only question is what type of prize you want to offer for your event.

Hole in One Insurance: Total Protection from a Trusted Partner

Every tournament is unique. We know this and work behind the scenes to make sure your event goes smoothly, so you can relax in the knowledge that your contest is 100 percent covered. When it comes to your hole in one coverage, let us be your established partner in the business. With multiple industry partnerships, we have the right relationships to coordinate the coverage you need.  

How Does Hole in One Insurance Work?

With our hole in one coverage, you can offer exciting and enticing prizes for a nominal fee. We offer coverage for many contests so that you can advertise cash, trips, cars, boats, jewellery and more at your event.

In addition to providing insurance solutions for hole in one events, we offer coverage for sports competitions and other games of chance and promotions:

  • Royal flush in poker
  • Five, six or seven dice rolls
  • Come-in-to-win direct mail
  • Guess the number of items
  • Match the VIN and win

All that’s left is for you to decide what you want your winner to receive. Let us help you make your next tournament more fun with less risk. It’s a win-win!