Exceptional garage and towing services require equally exceptional coverage to deliver on regional insurance needs and requirements.

Vehicle owners are always on the lookout for ways to secure their most valuable possessions — that means taking care of their cars, motorcycles and other motor vehicles is essential.

When it’s time to manage those vehicles – whether through storage or non-driving transport – extra protection outside of standard auto insurance can go a long way in delivering exceptional care.

That’s why our dedicated specialists have developed personal and meaningful, on-the-ground services and solutions for garage and towing insurance.

Also known as garage keeper’s liability insurance, our custom garage and towing insurance specialty policies are focused on helping auto businesses in charge of taking care of and storing their customer’s vehicles deliver exceptional service or repair of the vehicles in their care with the peace of mind that precise coverage can deliver.

Programs are designed specifically to protect your:

  • Stock
  • Buildings
  • Customer vehicles
  • Equipment and cargo
  • Service and dealer plates
  • Owned and leased tow trucks

Our garage and towing specialists coordinate with your team to develop a unique program that fits your business that can deliver a number of nuanced and specific features, including:

  • Higher Limits
  • Blanket Glass
  • Hoist Collision
  • $10,000 sign floater-Critical illness options
  • $5,000 crime coverage
  • $100,000 cargo coverage
  • Incidental used car operations
  • $25,000 legal expense coverage
  • $50,000 valuable paper coverage
  • $50,000 accounts receivable coverage
  • Actual loss sustained business interruption
  • $5,000,000 general and third-party liability
  • $50,000 accidental death and dismemberment
  • $25,000 hardware and software coverage
  • All-risk property (including buildings and contents)

For years, we’ve partnered with personal and commercial clients across Canada to ensure your insurance needs are managed mindfully and carefully.

Let’s work together on a precise program to better protect your business.

This product is currently not available in Quebec. Please stay tuned for updates on its availability.