Business insurance can’t be the same thing for everyone, and sometimes you need a custom insurance solution to solve for problems unique to your business. That’s where NFP comes in.

Our custom program business insurance insures business all over Canada in the following industries:

Garage Insurance and Towing Insurance

Garage and towing insurance, also known as garage keeper’s liability insurance, is a specialty policy for auto businesses who are in charge of taking care of and storing their customer’s vehicles. Whether they’re cars, trucks, vans or motorcycles, your clients trust you with the service or repair of their vehicles. That’s why your garage keepers insurance needs can be met by none other than experienced a broker in the garage insurance space.

Insurance Replacement Rentals

Your business is about helping people in car accidents get back on the road with a rental car and insurance replacement coverage allows your customers to enjoy a car rental at the expense of their insurance company. Your positioning between the above spots in the insurance journey means your business occupies a unique spot in the overall transaction. At NFP, we realize there is a void for rental companies who provide insurance replacement only vehicles. By working with NFP, we will assign one of our short term rental coverage specialists to tailor coverage packages to suit your operational needs.

Mobile Crane Insurance

Many crane owners already need a general liability insurance policy; however, a general liability insurance policy doesn’t cover all of the risks mobile crane owners and operators are exposed to. A mobile crane insurance policy is one of the best way to mitigate the risk inherent to your mobile crane business. 

Roofing contractor insurance

For as long as we have been building homes and commercial buildings, we have needed contractors that understand how to install roofs. The NFP roofing contractor insurance program is unique because not all roofing contractors qualify for our program. Our selective roofing contractor insurance gives allows you to benefit from customized coverages. Most providers don’t offer these coverages. Our experience in insuring roofing contractors helps us understand your business, your process and the practices you need.

Moving and Storage Insurance

Your moving and storage business handles the valuables belonging to others, so you need a moving and storage insurance policy to help handle the valuable business that belongs to you.

Auto Dealership Insurance

Keep your auto dealership compliant, your inventory secure and your employees happy with an auto dealership insurance policy from NFP. Whether your auto dealership is large or small, our auto dealership insurance specialists have the carrier relationships to find the dealership insurance solution you need.

Hole In One Insurance

There’s no need to hoard large amounts of cash to cover large prizes when you can pay a premium on a hole in one insurance policy. Your premiums are based on the value of the prize and the statistical odds of a contestant winning it. The policy’s coverage limit is equal to your potential loss, being the financial value of the prize.